DEQE Publications charges  a minute amount as publication fee to cover the operational costs of running this Journal and keeping it open access. Such operational costs includes website administration, peer-review, electronic and hard copy production and distribution of published works, staffing and other editorial expenses. 

It is unethical not to pay for publication fee after an article has being reviewed and accepted by Reviewers.

Publication Fee by Country Type

Developed Economies | $300
Developing Economies | $200
Under-Developed Economies | $120

Developed Economies: Developed economies comprise High-income-earning economies. Visit the world bank list of high-income economies

Developing Economies: Developing economies comprise middle-income-earning economies. Visit the world bank list of middle-income economies

Underdeveloped Economies: Underdeveloped economies comprise low-income earning economies. Visit the world bank list of low-income economies

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